Unite Alliance welcomes UniteNow

Unite Alliance welcomes the news that Unite Now will be joining Unite Alliance.

UniteNow has for many years been the only home for progressive independent unite members and activists within Unite. At all levels of the union UniteNow have represented the views of ordinary hard working unite members whilst challenging the cultist practices of the United Left which seeks to takeover our union for their own benefit and personal agenda. In the past UniteNow alone fought and stopped the extortionate practice of golden handshake payoffs to leadership of our union with members money, they fought for the introduction of  low pay membership rates and have campaigned for greater scrutiny and transparency of executive officer and EC decisions. 

With UniteNow joining Unite Alliance we will build on what we have already achieved and we will enter a new chapter in our very short history which will make us stronger for the challenging times that lay ahead for our members and union.

Sean Beatty – Vice Chair, Unite Alliance


Full Unite Now statement below    

UniteNow has always stood for independence. Since Unite was formed, we have always fought for the right for reps to be free to make decisions in the best interests of their members. We believe that the union’s structures must be independent and free of influence from the Union’s officialdom if we are ever to be a truly “member led” union.

More often than not, we have stood alone and although that has not been easy, we have never comprised on those guiding principles.

In the last Executive Council election, we supported a new group of reps under the banner of the Unite Alliance, who all stood to be an independent voice for their members.

The Alliance and independent reps now make up over 40% of the EC, but although this was a fantastic achievement in itself, it is still not enough to be able to implement the changes needed within the union.

As there are no independent Alliance reps on any of the union’s scrutiny committees such as the FGPC, “the jobs for the boy’s culture” of the United Left still prevails, and with that any hope of genuine independent debate remains an illusion.

UniteNow has decided that the time is right to join with those who share our vision and will therefore now become part of the Unite Alliance. Unite Alliance welcomes all reps, and asks nothing more than that people are free to vote as they believe it is right to do so.

Unite Alliance’s vision is that of an EC council consisting of independent members who are there to debate issues and then make decisions on the best interest of their members, not an EC where decisions are made in side rooms before the meeting even starts with members then simply voting how they have been told to do so.

If we can achieve this aim we will be stronger and so will our Union.