State of the Union

Unite the Union EC results have been declared today and it is clear from the results that members have sent a very strong signal that they seek change to the way our union is being run by rejecting the factional and divisive (politically based) control of the United Left grouping.  Members elected a record number of 33 independent candidates (out of a total of 72 EC seats) and within that electing 21 new EC members who stood as independent Unite Alliance candidates.

Both the General Secretary and Executive Council elections have shown us that many union members are extremely concerned with aspects of how their union is being run. The next few weeks will show us if the leadership of our union will pay attention to this message, take actions to address the shortcomings and build a truly inclusive union (which they can do) or simply ignore this wake up call and bury their heads in the sand by delivering just more of the same.

We have an opportunity to change for the better, to be more balanced, more inclusive and more reflective of our members view and wishes. We cannot continue to follow a policy of introspective political dogma that has no meaning to our members working lives.

Unions are full of those telling others “what their members want”  its now time to actually listen to our members.  In the current political climate and with the massive challenges facing our union unity, that clarity of direction will be absolutely critical to protect and advance our member’s interests.

Our leadership must now run the union for the benefit of all members, not simply a political faction and this election has given both a message and a mandate to do just that.