Rule Conference 2019

3rd Rules Conference – Invitation to Submit Rule Amendments

Amendment form download here

Following a decision of the Executive Council at their December 2018 meeting, and in accordance with Rule 13 Branches, Regional Committees, Regional Industrial Sector Committees, Area Activist Committees, Regional Equalities Committees, National Industrial Sector Committees and National Equalities Committees are invited to submit one rule amendment.

Accordingly, Regional Officers responsible for Constitutional Committees are requested to bring this communication to the notice of their respective Branch or Committee as early as possible in order to afford them an opportunity of submitting one rule amendment for inclusion in the agenda of the Conference.

The National Retired Members Committee and Regional Retired Members Coordinating Committees may submit one amendment each to the Rules Conference solely pertaining to members in retirement.

Rule Amendments must be sent by email to [email protected]  in Word as well as a PDF of the attached verification form completed and signed by the Regional Officer with responsibility for the Committee which must be sent to arrive no later than 1st March 2019.  Rule Amendments arriving after that date will not be placed upon the agenda.

When considering a Rule Amendment, please note the guidance below and also on the enclosed form:

  • Each Branch or Committee may submit 1 (one) Rule Amendment only;
  • Rule Amendments should, wherever possible, amend the text of the existing rules (a copy of the current rule book is available on Unite Connected or from the Regional Team);
  • An amendment to rule will normally add to or delete or amend the written text of a rule;
  • Whether an amendment to rule is in order will be a matter for the Standing Orders Committee.

Following the Conference the Council may amend the wording of specific rule amendments passed at the Conference to ensure that the wording is clear and as far as possible not subject to legal challenge.  Any such amendments would seek to ensure that the essence of the intention of the body submitting the rule amendment motion is honoured.

The rule also provides that any amendments to rule which commits the Union to expenditure must be ratified by the Council before implementation.

Branches will also be invited to submit amendments and Conference will be writing to them early in January.