About Unite Alliance

A New Unite Rep Alliance

About AllianceUnite Alliance is exactly that – an “Alliance” of ordinary Industrial based, left thinking reps who represent you the ordinary members at all levels of the union including the Unite Executive Council.We all share a strong common belief that ordinary members are best served by Industry focused, democratic and above all independent representation.  Our members are concerned about their jobs, their earnings and their working conditions and it is our belief that it is upon these areas that our union must urgently refocus.


There simply is no other way.

No Other WayIf Trade unions are to flourish once more and not become consigned to the role of hand wringing spectator at our own decline, we need to find a way to become relevant and central to our members’ lives again. We must respect our past but not live in it. We need a vision for our future.Our vision is left based and makes us relevant to all our members’ lives but to do so we must begin here. Making worthy speeches full of fine words isn’t enough; we actually need to do something about it.

We believe that our Executive Council should be made up of people who not only reflect members concerns but will act upon them and whose loyalty is first and foremost to members of our union, because without these members, there simply is no union.

It is far better for the long-term success of our union that key decisions are made as our rulebook intended; by reps for members and without any unnecessary intervention in that process by outside political groups. We believe the membership of our union is not best served by an Executive Council dominated by any one political faction (regardless of their politics) who simply bypass democracy by instructing people how to vote.


We must be the best we can be

be-the-bestOur union and others like it are all that stand between working people and an avaricious management class intent on using both a Tory Government and Brexit as an opportunity to drive our pay and conditions one step nearer to the bottom.  To fight against that, we must be the best we can be now and this will not be achieved by a clinging on to a rose (or even red!) tinted version of what we were.


Supporting this Union

Supporting this unionIf you want to see this union reach its full potential not just what it was or promises to be then your welcome to be part of what Unite Alliance stands for.We don’t ask that you join nor restrict you from belonging to any particular group, but if you share these beliefs and want the freedom to hold your own opinions then get in touch and maybe we can help each other.

Thank you for being a member of our union Unite.

For more information visit www.unitealliance.org or email [email protected]